Saturday, February 21, 2009

Notipu Nipon Ku

Here's a tag from TH and here it goes..

What is your name? Sherry
A four letter word: Short
A boy's name : Shawn
A girl's name : Sharon
An occupation : Blogger
A color : Red
Something you wear : Shirt
A type of food : Sausage

Something found in the bathroom : Scissor

A place : Singapore
A reason for being late : Sorry
Something you shout : Shock!
A movie title : Shark tale
Something you drink : Sugar cane juice
A musical group : Shakira
A street name : Sherry Street *my very own*
A type of car : Smart car
A song title : Sad Eyes
A verb : Song

It is fun, I manage to start most letter with S. Okay, passing this to fellow friends...

  1. Jes
  2. Sweetytots
  3. Yen
  4. Jenny
  5. Makoy
  6. Dena
  7. Pangeran

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