Sunday, December 27, 2009

Eyeko Red Polish and Vintage Polish FREE!!

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BHO's First Contest

I am now watching Batman Return, the actress is Nicole Kidman.

I am also taking part in BHO's First Contest, you can take part too.

Contest ends on 23 Jan, 2010.

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Busy cleaning the house

When I reached my sis place on Friday's morning she is busy with the cleaning, it seems that not many people know about her when I mention her name. Anyway I head to her temple that she is staying there on Friday not Thursday's night because the jam is terrible.

Last weekend I was away and I am glad I am not stuck in the traffic for an hour. My friends did and they are so tired, even though the distance just 20min away. During peak season it is going to be bad jam.

They supposed to go Ostrich farm but backout but her brother's family head there to have a look.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Eyeko Christmas Gift

It is time to shop for your loved one, I know everyone has got a budget in mind. You can check out for many type of cosmetics.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Where is the coat?

My sister just call to ask me where is her coat, I have no idea. She wants me to look and prepare it for her. I don't know where it is as she given her clothes to so many people. I am sure she cannot get them back!

The worst I will need to give her money to buy new coat. She is choosy and will want to choose it herself. One coat might cost up to MYR$100 depend on type of coat that she is looking for.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Currency of Taiwan money

I do not know how much is the currency of Taiwan money, how about you? My sister need MYR$800 to exchange it for Taiwan money. Do you know how much is it?

Anyway next month she and my other sister going to Taiwan. They will be busy attending the society as their master is there. My sister told me that she will need to give her master money. She told me she also need to buy present for her master.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sis needs $2,200

Yeah sis is going to Taiwan so she needs money to book for air tickets and hotel to stay. It is MYR$1700 and she is asking my other sister to along but she does not have enough money and my sis will support her MYR$500. So you see the total is $2,200!

Its crazy she thinks she will have enough money because she sold her car! I can tell you the money will finished fast if you not watch what you are buying.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jena Isle:Gewgaw Writings

I love blogging and visiting blog, they are over 70 million blogs now. I like to tell you about Jena Isle:GEWGAW WRITINGS. This blog is a page rank of 4, it is easy to view and user friendly with two columns template. I remember this blog having a contest but I not take part because I don't have stories to share.

This blog has got over 106 followers now, I am sure you don't know that Gewgaw in the blog means "bauble"- "baubles" of writing. An attempt to write poems, short stories, essays, quotations and what-nots. The mind is a plethora of uncharted words.

If you love to read books, I am sure you like the inspirational books at this site. It is available for sale and they are 27 authors contributed on the book, find out who are the 27 bloggers. The title of the book is The inspiration thoughts and stories of the bloggers.

Find out Jena Isle has met which bloggers life. It is nice to meet blogger face to face. There is so much to see and read, if you love to read I am sure you like this blog. If you have an entrecard, feel free to drop by the blog.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

A date with Miss Wong

My sis is back today afternoon send by my dad, she is going to meet up with her old pal Miss Wong at Subang Parade tomorrow. I am sure they will have good chat and today she saw Sherine who cut my hair. :D

I got a hair cut today and it cost RM15 it is same as the basement of Carrefour. But it is not as hot as the basement which I am sweating so much!

By the way I am showing you the eyeko vamp polish I used for my toes! Woot they are looking good on this Halloween night!

Feel free to use the ambassador code E3624 when shop at This code will get you free gift. Now they are many limited edition of eyeko cosmetics for you to view. I know if I have more money I can shop sadly I not get the prize I won. I can't even locate the sponsors and owner of the blog as their blogs are down?

I think you need to purchase above ten pound sterling for that code.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Great job sis!

My sis is back since last Saturday night, she is going to my dad's place tomorrow. She helped me to clean my bathroom as she keeps saying that it is dirty. In fact I let her choose to buy the brush and cleanser which she is comfortable with.

I cannot argue with her as she will wins and I must admit that my room is dirty. She just had her bath in another bathroom and doing prayer in the room. The other bathroom I am not using much as I am using the one in my room.

Last Sunday we had a great meal with the family at BMC. Another sister not come as she is not well and rest at her god mother's home.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Blog Appetite Blog Raffle Contest

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Good luck.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Love it! Video

Thanks so much for posting the video. Love it!
Do you mind if I download your video and put it onto our YouTube page?
Also could you let me know where you heard about our campaign? Was it through a blogger and if so who?

Above I got from a email, I am so happy finally got the news from her.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pink Royale First Ever Contest

My sister called up today asking me about another sister. Just a short talk on the phone, she is so busy at temple. She does not want to care what is going on at home.

Now there is another contest waiting for you to take part, it is Pink Royale First Ever Contest.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Win Tons of Giveaway@Her and History's Life and Love

A Call To Celebrate

My sister is becoming a monk, I know life goes on. Even family members disagree she still goes ahead. My another sister asking her help but she refused. :(

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

PoshCraze Opening Contest

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another sis

There goes another sis that called me up to tell me she interested to know how to create an online store. I am sure she will be happy to know that is easy!

She is working a small business but need more exposure, we seldom talk to each other or see each other. She likes to question and scold me so that's one reason I not like to chat much with her.

My mom told me that she can help me to sell of my handmade jewellery, I have doubt on that!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

RM300 and counting!

This afternoon headed to the temple, I waited like half an hour for her to show up. Terrible service at the temple, they are just busy service people with money! I mean they are only eyeing on rich folks!

Anyway given her RM300 instead of RM400 as she last minute called me to tell need another RM100. I do not have enough money to spend for myself and she is asking for more. Today delivery to her the money is for the usage of October!

She better not asking me for money again, I know the place is blood sucking money!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sherry's collection on Eyeko Nail Polish

I love using eyeko I have got the whole collection of eyeko nail polish.

Now shopping at Eyeko you will need to enter the discount code: ‘DISCOUNT20’ at check out! Don't forget enter the ambasador code: E3624 for FREE GIFT. Hurry up as offer of discount 20% closes on 16 Sep, 2009. is the place to shop, they will ship to your door step for free.

So far I have tried pink polish and pretty polish.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Box for books!

Yesterday visited my sister and she bought a box just to put her books. She told me that the box is wrecked so she prefer a new box. Which is a PVC box cost RM19.90 but the cashier cannot find the barcode and told her that it cost RM21.90. She is okay with that! :(

We shopping at Jusco Bukit Tinggi, she spend RM100 on the same day. I gave her RM200 and she asking for more. This month she is going to US and this December she will be going to Taiwan for head shave.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Money and relationship

My dad is the one to help my sister to keep her money, I do not want take in charge because it is her money. She will needs it any time so it is better for dad to keep for her. It is the money for selling her Kelisa Manual car.

Tomorrow will meet up with my sis and I am sure she has so much to talk. I am not understand she no longer wants to work and depend on family members to support her. She has not realised that it can be a burden to everyone. I mean with the economy today we are trying to survive!

I am sure my parents not happy with her decision. She supposed to support our parents but now we need to support her.

Friday, August 28, 2009

No more buying for sis

Since my sis is so choosy on things that I bought and not want them at all. Dad told me to stop buying for her. It is best to let her choose the item herself. She always think that we know and can read her mind.

She is wrong, everyone has different interest and taste on everything. The luggage is available but I think best she goes to choose it herself. She is fussy about the size and color. Good luck sis on buying the orange color luggage!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

She wants another luggage bag!

Yesterday night reached my sis's place at 9.13, she saw the bag and not like it at all. I thought she will be happy with the bag and I am so wrong. I will keep the bag for myself as she wants my luggage. I am going to give her once I plan to visit her again. Perhaps next month or next week, I am not sure yet.

Today I spot a big luggage but it cost RM90. Even though it is discounts as Mega Sales. I do not want to spend that money, I am not going anywhere to travel at this time. H1N1 is better save money and save your life!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Rosa Mini Blog Contest

Just got a call from my sis, and she told me that this month she will need RM300 for prayers. I thought she will not need any money stay at the temple. Anyway trying my luck to win Rosa Mini Blog Contest, you can take part too!


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Contest ends on 25 Aug, 2009.

Good luck!

Avon hand carry bag for sis

I bought Avon hand carry bag for sis, I am sure she loves it I think it is big enough for her. At least it is bigger than her bag that she used to go my dad's place.

The Avon hand carry bag cost RM29.90 and I need to purchase RM29.90 items to purchase with that price. So I bought a cleanser to try out.

Just sms to the tenant as need to pick up the rental tomorrow. Sis needs to spend RM200 every month this is not inclusive of the money that she needs to spend on going abroad.

Monday, August 3, 2009

New luggage bag for sis

My sister needs a new luggage bag as her one is too small. I will need to find out which is suitable for her. She prefer orange in color, she is also looking for skin care product.

I am going to be busy this week looking for her stuff. It is going to be her birthday this week! I think this will be great birthday present for her.

She is unsure if she can go U.S, she has gone for the blood test but no X-Ray.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Win $300 June/July Blog Contest

My sister is in need of money as she is going away and she will need the money. I hope I can win $300 June/July Blog Contest. This contest is held at Survival Guide to Online Surveys, the money will be big help to her.

Check out the rules:

1) Subscribe to the blog by email = 1 entry

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The $300 will be rewarded in the following increments:

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I am not sure if I can win but I am going to try my best.

The contest will end on July 30th and the winners will be announced on July 31st.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Plan changes for sis

There will be changes on my sister return for few days, instead of coming my place she will be direct to my dad's place. It is because I am not around when she came and she cannot change the date. In fact she is having bad tempered on the phone!

She wants to come home because she needs to go for body check up and X-ray. Her trip to US is not confirmed yet.

On the phone she kept saying that she has submitted her leave form and cannot change the date. Instead she is asking me to change the date of whatever I am doing on the day she is out. I do not want to argue with her because she always thinks she is right!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sis coming back on 26 July

My sister just calls to inform me that she is coming back on 26 July to stay for two days. Then she will go to stay at my dad's place for a few days.

Do you know that she is going back to temple on 1st Aug? I think they given her a few days to spend time with family.

I told my classmate about her and she wonder why she decided to become a non. Nobody knows the truth but my sister. I think she plan for it since last year. She just kept to herself and the flight ticket she paid to go Kuching, Sarawak no longer can be used.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Wordpress Story: Heart Random

I am happy to see that I am one of the finalist in My Wordpress Story. My blog is Heart Random you can find it on the list of My Wordpress Story.

If you find me is a worthy winner please vote for me. Voting ends on 31 July, 2009.

Since my sister is not working and she is counting on the family to give her money to spend. If I am able to win one of the prize I will be able to help her out.

Couting down for sis

Last Saturday night, I visited my sister for a while, when I reached the gate of temple it was 8.10pm. They were praying, but my sis came over and took RM$200. On the phone she says that only food and accomodation is free but she still needs to pay for other stuff like sanitary pad, registration for prayer.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

How long to do US visa in Malaysia?

Anyone know how long it will takes to do US visa in Malaysia? My sister is going there in September as she will have her head shave in US.

I browse on Google and find out if work Visa will be a week to three weeks. But she is not going there to work. She just be there for a few days.

Friday, June 26, 2009

15minute to midnight...

My sis just calls up asking me for $200 because she does not have enough money to spend. She said that food does not need to pay but for the registration of society need to pay money. I cannot believe that but this is how they make money? I mean where she is staying now.

This means that I will have burden of love, I need to pay for her maintenance and repairing for her place that she left. Not just that but also giving her money to spend. She wants the money by next Sunday.

Thanks Ed

Just like to update today got 4,000 entrepoints courtesy of Soloflight Ed.

Still waiting to claim other Prizes in First Prize of this contest.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

We celebrated Father's Day last Saturday, there are two persons not turn up for the dinner. One of them is my sister, she is staying at the temple in Klang.

She did call up yesterday night, I told her about the celebration and where we have dinner. My dad even bought me durian and giving me pieces of cake to bring home.

We have a splendour time together. Everyone is happy with their meal. Dad is very happy to see his ox tailed soup arrived, he is the first to drink the soup. Last time we went he was the last to drink the ox tailed soup.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Sister

This year is kind of a year where I experience up and down. Yeah it is about another sister well, she is not well at all and she will undergo a surgery in Aug or Sept. This is sad, I am having hard feeling but I know that life goes on. It is just a surgery and this will cure her.

She has not taken care of herself and nobody knows about it until now. She has got to live with it for the rest of her life.

It is important to think of your love one.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shopping for sis

Yeah I have a list which I need to shop for my sis. She called up last week and a few days ago, I know that she cannot wait any longer. This few days I will need to go visit her with her things. So I need to go shopping first for her items.

  1. nail color
  2. handkerchief
  3. facial towel
  4. sanitary pad
  5. socks
I think there is more so I need to call her when I go shopping.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kelisa Manual Car

Just want to update about my sis kelisa car, her car is manual. She bought the new car in 2004 and now can sell at $17K because $1K needs to be use for repairing her car. Your car condition is important if there is a wreck any where at all. The selling price will goes down.

That is why everyone will be telling you need to check the car condition. They will look at your car engine, your doors, and your car boot!

Friday, May 29, 2009

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sis is happy

Yesterday we went to visit my sis, she is very happy and cheerful. Her face is red too, we could tell from her expression that she is very happy there. We reached there at 6pm the gate was lock and she is having meal inside.

She asked me to sign the paper work which allowed her to be monk. It is supposed to sign by my mom but she is not around. Dad has signed it and it is my turn. This is the agreement where you are allowed her to go be a monk. My heartache when signing the papers, she insists me to sign the papers.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Proton Kelisa selling price (manual)

I just want to update on my sis car which is Proton Kelisa, it is 4 years car and it is manual NOT auto. Estimated price is only $17K to $18K this is in RM!

If this is auto car then it can be $23K and if this is limited edition of Proton Kelisa it can be $27K. I told my sis earlier to buy Proton Kelisa but she does not know how to drive it and so she bought the manual to drive.

Frankly speaking I do not know how to drive auto as well, in my life so far I have drove auto car for less than ten times. How about you?

I was told that ten years ago, manual car value is better than auto car.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Need $13,000

My sis has a dream and she is wants to achieve it soon, she got to have money to achieve her dream. Earlier she mentions there is no need of money because the society has provided her everything but now she said she needs money.

Instead of $8,000 now she needs $13,000. We have thought of the solution for her that is to sell her car, but there will be deduction for her car because her wind screen is broken. Her side of the car is racked!

Tonight I am supposed to meet the tenant that interested to rent her place. I have informed the tenant that she will needs to pay Indah Water because she is the one using the toilet. Indah Water is the sewage fees which cost $8 a month. She claimed that she rented a place that cost her nothing to pay the place where she has rented it for the past 10 years.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sis needs $8,000

This morning my dad told me that sis need $8,000. She told dad before that she is becoming a monk and there is no need of using money. I am shocked to hear from dad saying that she wants $8,000 from him.

This is crazy, since she started working she has not given any money to my parents. How can she be so selfish thinking about herself? My dad is retired and not working where is he going to get that money?

Someone is interested to buy her place but she is not willing to sell it. Dad has a suggestion is selling her car! Good idea, dad has sms to her and I hope she accept this decision. She can used that money for going to US to become a monk.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

I am so tired these days, I know I tried hard to win the contest but the contest it not turn out the way I want it. So it is just not my time to win.

I want to be sleeping beauty as I am terribly feeling sleepy and tired. Afternoon I cannot sleep at all not sure why perhaps its the very HOT weather here.

There is no rain for the day, this morning went to check out my sis apartment the paint and repaired are fixed. Finally pay the price of $1380, I am thinking to buy a single bed but not sure if I can buy it any more. I am surprise that the bed will cost RM$2,---.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Using toilet brush to brush panty?

Yesterday my sis is back and she left her car here so I have to send her back. She told me that she forgot to bring her brush to brush her panty and she used the toilet brush to brush it. OMG! That is so dirty and imagine how many germs are there on the brush?

I will not use that and I think it is common sense that you know toilet brush is mean to brush the toilet bowl, toilet and it is very dirty!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Unhappy DAD

Yeah when your loved one going away I am sure you will be sad, this is the day my dad feeling very sad. He called me to tell that he is heartache because my sis is going away today and he cannot do anything about it.

The only thing he can do is accept it because there is no turning back. She has choose the path which she loves and decided to take that as her life.

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She is there

Yesterday my sis came to overnight here then this afternoon she is driving to the temple on her own. She will not be back to overnight as she is staying there. So this weekend she will be back to put her car here.

For the first time I drive her car and it is very hard for me. I am used to driving my dad's car and it is my first time using hers. I am driving manual and not auto car, her car is manual too.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

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