Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jena Isle:Gewgaw Writings

I love blogging and visiting blog, they are over 70 million blogs now. I like to tell you about Jena Isle:GEWGAW WRITINGS. This blog is a page rank of 4, it is easy to view and user friendly with two columns template. I remember this blog having a contest but I not take part because I don't have stories to share.

This blog has got over 106 followers now, I am sure you don't know that Gewgaw in the blog means "bauble"- "baubles" of writing. An attempt to write poems, short stories, essays, quotations and what-nots. The mind is a plethora of uncharted words.

If you love to read books, I am sure you like the inspirational books at this site. It is available for sale and they are 27 authors contributed on the book, find out who are the 27 bloggers. The title of the book is The inspiration thoughts and stories of the bloggers.

Find out Jena Isle has met which bloggers life. It is nice to meet blogger face to face. There is so much to see and read, if you love to read I am sure you like this blog. If you have an entrecard, feel free to drop by the blog.

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