Monday, November 15, 2010

First Ever Giveaway by Life Can't Wait

I love giveaway and I am taking part to win First Ever Giveaway by Life Can't Wait. This giveaway is held at Marice's blog.

First Prize:
40$ Cash
10,000 ECs
One month 125x125 Ad Spaces on High PR Blogs

Second Prize
20$ Cash
9,000 ECs
One month 125x125 Ad Spaces

Third Prize
10$ Cash
6,000 ECs
One month 125x125 Ad Spaces

And a special prize for local bloggers only (Philippines residents) courtesy by my lovely friend, Lira!
To qualify in the drawing for the this lovely necklace, you MUST be residing in the Philippines AND have added Lira's Facebook Online Account

Find out who are the sponsors.

Major Sponsors

Minor Sponsors http://www.myplace-home-family.com http://www.oneproudmomma.com http://isherrygo.com http://www.redismarose.com

Entries will be accepted til December 10th 11:59 ET. Winners will be announced on December 19th so I will have enough time to tally your entries.
Winners will be chosen through
Open to all! Good luck!

To take part you can click on the badge below.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

She is in Taiwan

My sister is now in Taiwan for a week, I was told by my dad. I wasn't sure of it I have not spoken to her for at least two weeks. She has not call home since she is at Taiwan now, it is not free trip she needs to pay for it.

I wonder what she do when she runs out of money. She using the car money which sold to spend the money.

Wishing Her Headline Animator