Monday, October 29, 2012

Another Contest Giveaway: Share The Softness With Kleenex

I love my mom, she's the best mommy and she is living in nursing home. She lost all her teeth and now only using faux teeth to eat. My mom has diabetes but it never stop her from taking drink she loves. I brought mommy for hi-tea buffet lunch at Amarda Hotel PJ on the month of her birthday. She is happy and we have great time there and go home with full tummy.

I gave mommy pampering moment by putting nail polish on her nails, I also help her to dye hair. I am mommy of two too, so I know being mommy is not easy. I am glad that dad has decided to bring mom out at least twice a month back home to stay.
I know mommy is sad that my 2nd sis being nun, she is nun for three years, her head is shave and she is living in temple. Knowing both my mom and sis will not be the same anymore, my sis will never come home because she find things she loves to do and she loves being nun. I am glad that my sis able take leave, so she comes home at least once a year or twice a year.

Life is short, cherish people you love and you know money can never buy happiness! There is no replacement of love in life!

This is my entry for the another contest giveaway: Share Softness with Kleenex.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your heartwarming story with us. I wish ur mom best of health.


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