Thursday, September 23, 2010

Red 1st Blogversary Contest

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

She just too lazy to use KTM service

My sister is nun now and she has been telling me all her plans but I see that she has not come to my place by train. I have been waiting for her anxiously, I hope she will come here and tell me if she still want her stuff. LOL

All her stuff that she does not use anymore left around home, my place is just like home storage now. Everyone in the family left something behind and big mountain of everything this and that I have got. Just did few days of cleaning with my loved one, they are wonderful people in my life.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

KTM in town

My sis told me that it is near to take KTM train here and I hope she will take here. She keeps telling me her off day on weekday but I cannot go her place. The temple is far from here and I don't know the route I am bad with the directions. I can get lost easily, I see that she needs cleanser and I need to purchase for her to use.

I choose the Avon brand as it is affordable here as branded I cannot afford. I hope she let me know when she is coming, I will ask my dad to join us for lunch. I have not seen my sister for few weeks. She is happy being a nun, as for me I am busy with contest now as it is based on points. There is other way to win but I know I am not good with that.

This challenge contest that I am saying is Red 1st Blogversary Contest. You can see many Prizes to win and if you are taking part hope you mention referral by Sherry so I earn 50 points.

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