Wednesday, September 1, 2010

KTM in town

My sis told me that it is near to take KTM train here and I hope she will take here. She keeps telling me her off day on weekday but I cannot go her place. The temple is far from here and I don't know the route I am bad with the directions. I can get lost easily, I see that she needs cleanser and I need to purchase for her to use.

I choose the Avon brand as it is affordable here as branded I cannot afford. I hope she let me know when she is coming, I will ask my dad to join us for lunch. I have not seen my sister for few weeks. She is happy being a nun, as for me I am busy with contest now as it is based on points. There is other way to win but I know I am not good with that.

This challenge contest that I am saying is Red 1st Blogversary Contest. You can see many Prizes to win and if you are taking part hope you mention referral by Sherry so I earn 50 points.

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