Friday, October 12, 2012

Avon perfume for my sis

Yeah my sis ask me to purchase Avon perfume for her, she used it for prayer. She is nun now and she is happy with her life, she gets to go places too. I am happy for her, but worry of another sister. She is not so good with taking care herself and she loves scolding me! I try stay avoid that sis, she gives you horrible feeling like you the worst person!

I don't know why my sis loves scolding family members, even mom and dad get scolded by her. It is bad, we should respect parents not scold them. My parents didn't do anything bad to her, just advice her. But she doesn't listen she keep thinking that her friends are the best. Oh well they are when you treat them food, karaoke, etc. When you need help in finance they runs away!

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