Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sorry sis, money matter!!

It's my unhappy day as my sister bring along my mom and a stranger to my home. She just come without informing me at all, not a call, never say that she coming. Worst she is here for no good?! I am sad, as she pushes mom and me to purchase lingerie set from her. It is not cheap, she refused to say the price, is it direct selling?! Seem her stranger friend is keen on forcing us to try and use plus order?!

Anyway in the end I called my sis and the lady to cancel as frankly speaking. It is not way, anyone can just purchase or buy up anything that is costly as much as RM6K a lingerie set. No matter how good the brand is, you should never push your client to purchase!! It's very wrong!! It's even worst if you make your sibling to purchase so you can make profit from there!

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