Friday, January 13, 2012

Back for a while

My sis is back for a while living with my elder bro, she is next door to the twins. She can't help it that the confinement lady first stay with her and younger baby twin. She says many things done by her wrongly namely that she only gave the baby drink milk nearly 4 hours when baby is asking for milk. She gave the milk the bottle teat to suck, it takes her 10 mins to prepare the formula milk in bottle feed.

She also says that the confinement lady pressed the baby's stomach so she can pass motion and urine, the baby also shivers. The baby bottom is wash with water after she pass motion. According to her that she done many things wrong.

This morning my elder bro called me to inform that he and wife cannot stand her anymore. She is making him and wife nuts, she goes in the room 20 to 30 times a day and last night middle night between 2am she goes in their room again. Now younger baby twin is sleeping with the mommy.

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