Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Last call for the contest!

Yeah I am still trying my best even though I am not many referral just need do my best. I need to keep this in mind!


March 19: Announcement of winners of the raffle draw. Remember? Post the contest in your other blogs and we will raffle off 3 winners of $5. If you have ten blogs post it in your ten blogs and you will have ten raffle entries.CLICK HERE if you are not familiar with it. ONly those who posted it on tehir other blogs are qualified.

March 22: Announcement of winners of Best Post about the contest and best blog review of Make or Break and Random WAHM Thoughts

March 25: Big Winners Day. Announcement of the 1st to 4th prize and lucky winners of $20

March 29: Announcement of winners of reviews of my other blogs. CLICK HERE for details.

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