Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Asking for more money!!

My sis is going to Taiwan this month and she told me she needs MYR$800 to change to currency rate. Now she told me she needs MYR$200. She already took money from my dad and she is asking for more. I reject her and says NO because the rental of her apartment I have not collect yet. The rental is not much as need to pay for the maintenance and others.

I happy to see she finds a place that she likes. But she must know that I have a life to live! She was not happy so we took her home last Sunday then yesterday she is back again to the temple. She and one of them are having bad communication.

I know she try to escape from herself so she choose to be a monk. The medicine is important for her but she refused to take them. My aunt told me that if she is not happy there anymore she will come back.

The money she needs is for buying presents and I think give Ang Pao to the masters!

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