Sunday, March 1, 2009

She wants attention too

I cannot believe this housemate, I felt bad that my sister is going away and she on the hand is making fun of it. She told me that she wanted to stay in old folks home when she gets old as nobody wants her. It is very obvious that she wants attention!

This is crazy and I do not think she is doing it right. She should not say this infront of my sister. She wants people to pity her. I know she always been pity her. This is because she does not want to take charge of her life.

She said that during Chinese New Year she told her parents and friends that she has the intention to stay at old folks home. Yeah she knew that she will get scold and she did! What is she trying to prove here? Everyone in her family cares about her? They are and in fact telling her not to say those stupid words.

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